A week before the IJsselderby, Go Ahead Eagles suffered a heavy defeat in Leeuwarden. Kees van Wonderen’s team lost 5-2 while, after more than half an hour of play, it still took the lead.

After 45 minutes, a tip from Brouwers seemed to be the difference between Go Ahead Eagles and Cambuur Leeuwarden. It would be the dream lead for the team from Deventer. However, it turned out that too much of a good thing in a fairly even first half. The home team, however, still equalized just before the break. And the team from Deventer never got over that downer.

The first fifteen minutes after the break was of a very dubious level on the Go Ahead Eagles side. The team had to concede three goals from Boere, Tol and Jacobs. With a 4-1 deficit, Go Ahead Eagles still sought the attack but could not create much towards the goal of Sonny Stevens. In fact, it also became 5-1 via a goal from Kiss, making a hefty punishment a fact.

The 5-2 could only ease the pain a bit. The newcomer Cordoba got this goal on the scoreboard, so that, in addition to his game, he applies for a basic place. Whether that is next week in the IJsselderby against place will have to become clear in the coming week.

Immediately after the lost duel in Leeuwarden, Erik van Luttikhuizen spoke with Luuk Brouwers and Kees van Wonderen. These conversations can be heard below by clicking on the image:

Midfielder Luuk Brouwers about his goal, the VAR and the loss…

Trainer/coach Kees van Wonderen about two different halves, Eredivisie football, lessons and much more…

Midfielder Luuk Brouwers about his goal the VAR and the loss

Photo gallery Henny Meyerink.

Midfielder Luuk Brouwers about his goal the VAR and the loss