SV Schalkhaar delivers an excellent team performance by winning 0-4 against VV Hierden in the first division on Saturday. Where this team meets opponents such as DOS Kampen, SWZW and CSV Apeldoorn in the competition, today second Division SV Schalkhaar dominated the home team on all fronts.

SV Schalkhaar started well and played compact against the physically strong VV Hierden. It soon became clear that SV Schalkhaar had to join in this battle. Within 10 minutes the right defender of VV Hierden was much too late in an action by the inimitable Milan Beumer. The referee could not tolerate a hard tackle full on the ankles and this player was penalized early in the game with a justified and direct red card.

SV Schalkhaar became stronger and this resulted in the first chances. A free kick from the strong playing Milan in Riele was processed by the keeper. At the next attack, the visitors from Schalkhaar could cheer. Koen Klosters intercepted the ball in midfield, after which Bjorn Duteweerd was played on the side. His shot disappeared at the intersection, after which the ball came in front of the incoming Milan in Riele, who then knew what to do with this opportunity in the 15th minute and scored the ball neatly 0-1.

VV Hierden tried several times with a long ball to surprise the defense of SV Schalkhaar, where attacker Isa Kiziler, who has a football past at DVS’33 from Ermelo, caused the most danger. This player was kept under control by the still young Timo Kok and the already experienced Michiel Hullegie.

VV Hierden still hoped to make the connecting goal, but the best chances were spent on the black and white players from Schalkhaar. Milan Beumer managed to play the ball over the defense with an action over the left side, where incoming Bjorn Duteweerd shot the ball on the post.

SV Schalkhaar became stronger and stronger and certainly had the opportunity to double the score in the first half. Striker Stijn Rorije had two good opportunities, but twice he shot over the goal. In addition to the early red card, a few SV Schalkhaar players had to pay the price, with another 3 yellow cards being handed out in a short time.

After the break, SV Schalkhaar managed to maintain their concentration and continued on the same footing as the first half ended. Good combination football was the start of the 0-2. Michiel Hullegie dribbled across midfield and managed to reach the capricious Milan Beumer. His action towards the penalty area ended with a tight shot into the left corner, unstoppable for the keeper. The game was then under control and the best chances for SV Schalkhaar.Then Te Riele was close to his second goal, but the keeper saved his effort this time again. The next good opportunity was for Jason Westerkamp, ​​his effort also went through the keeper just wide of the goal.

The 0-3 after 75 minutes was therefore inevitable. Kick Brouwer came in well and managed to reach striker Stijn Rorije with a cross-ball. Where Rorije missed his chance in an earlier stage, he was now confident and effective.

After another good action by Kick Brouwer on the left, he put the ball back on Milan in Riele who scored the 0-4 with his second goal, so that the victory could be celebrated shortly afterwards.

Next week already the third cup match, then the team of coach Marcel Geestman will play against WSV in Apeldoorn.

Photos: Jaap Hop (Instagram: @jaaphop1).