For the second cup match FC RDC had to travel to the corner of the polder. In Swifterbant, the local football club managed to take an easy win over FC RDC’s young dogs, 7-2.

Due to the absence of Zemir Mujic, the average age of FC RDC dropped to about 19.5 years. It is clear to see that trainer Paul Roskam is busy turning the young new team into a close-knit group. It also became immediately clear today that it is still too short against teams such as Swift’64.

On the nice (natural) turf, it was immediately the home team that bit off. Because it was still raining, the grass was wet and it was wonderful football weather. Swift’64 looked for openings on the sides via emerging backs where the young backs of FC RDC (Rick van den Brink (18) and Ronel Antonia (17)) were very busy. As a result, some corner kicks were conceded. From one of these corner kicks the ball went through goalkeeper Voortman. About ten minutes later, the home team doubled to 2-0 before slowing down a bit. But it was also FC RDC that bit off a bit more and tried with extreme effort to get to the home team’s goal. A few teasing punches from the counter by Kai van den Beld and Luuk Helms were the result. Where the trainer on the bench just said in the 43rd minute that it should not be 3-0 just before half-time, he was immediately jinxed, 3-0.

The heads are in the same direction, are mentally strong and show that they can fight a stronger, coordinated opponent for another 45 minutes. In the 52nd minute, however, it was again 4-0. Hereafter, both teams made plenty of changes, mainly because it is considered an exhibition game. This brought some ambiguity in the back of FC RDC, so that Swift’64 could quickly run to 7-0. Where the fear of double digits loomed on the one hand, Roskam’s young dogs continued to work for what they were worth. This still led to two good attacks, from the first substitute Luca Melis was knocked down in the sixteen. The penalty was shot in flawlessly by Luuk Helms. Just before time, the tireless Ronel Antonia charged on the right side and blasted all frustrations by working the ball hard past the goalkeeper, 7-2.

A clear result, a game with a heavy mental burden, reason for the technical leadership to include this in the continuation of the preparation and to build on the new FC RDC.