At halftime it was 1-1 in Anderlecht-KV Mechelen. There seemed to be no blemish in the air for the visitors. They had more possession and created several scoring opportunities. In the second half, however, things went completely wrong. Anderlecht won 7-2! “I can’t understand that”, Wouter Vrancken sighed afterwards.

Anderlecht quickly came to 2-1, after poor defense at the Mechelaars. Then it completely collapsed. The fact that no KV Mechelen player took a yellow card in that second half says a lot.

“Our first half was very good. We found the openings, the pressure was right and there was 100% intensity. You can’t really play a better first half at Anderlecht. We should have scored more. Except for the efficiency, it was good,” said Wouter Vrancken at Eleven Sports.

“We asked three things at half-time: stay hard in the duels and kick the ball into the stands if necessary, keep making the same effort, and watch out for their centers. We were caught on those three things in the second half, which is a shame.”

The visitors did not make a fist, Anderlecht played liberated and also had some windfall. Every scoring chance was equally good for a goal.

“I cannot understand this. We’re probably too good in this group. There are no scum in between,” the Mechelen coach sighed. “You can’t let yourself be slaughtered like that in the second half. You can lose a duel, but you have to go for it.”