Last Sunday, after more than a year, a competition match was finally on the program! The first game of the season was a very special game, especially for head coach Rowdy van der Hoop. His younger brother, also a former youth trainer at SV Colmschate ’33, Djordi van der Hoop was at the helm of the opponent Sportclub Brummen.

FIRST HALFFrom the rear, Noah Patty managed to find the outstanding Jaroah Sneller on the right, after which the latter served Jard Kamperman Leferink tailor-made. After a scrimmage in front of the goal, Dean ter Stege seemed to score the 0-1. Unfortunately for the yellow-blacks, the goal was rightly disallowed due to a handball.

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It was a game that mainly took place in the midfield and which never turned out to be a nice game. The next big chance was for striker Stan Hurenkamp van Brummen. After a mistake in the build-up in the back, Hurenkamp suddenly found himself face to face with 16-year-old Victor Meems. The latter emerged victorious with a great response.

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During the first half Colmschate was more comfortable and better on the ball. The team regularly cleared Noah Patty or Jaroah Sneller on the right side. Unfortunately, the team was unable to convert this into chances or goals. Halfway through the first half it was Brummen who suddenly made it 1-0. After a corner the ball got stuck and it was Aiko Hooyman who reacted most attentively: 1-0.

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More than 10 minutes later Colmschate was also very close to 1-1 via a corner. After a tight corner from Rik Traanman, Jard Kamperman Leferink hit the post. Just before half time it was Colmschate that again had to deal with a downer. After Brummen got a corner, there was not good coverage in the back and it was again Aiko Hooyman who headed in: 2-0. A goal that came in hard for SV Colmschate ’33.

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SECOND HALF In the second half, SV Colmschate ’33 went looking for the connecting goal as quickly as possible. Brummen was good in the back, gave little away and switched to ‘wife and children first’. The 2 moving strikers were brought into position with long balls and SV Colmschate ’33 had its hands full with this. In the 68th minute there is a small opening for SV Colmschate ’33. After Ufuk Dulkaroglu touches the ball, referee Ten Damme judges that Stan Hurenkamp has made a kicking movement: red.

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Trainer Rowdy van der Hoop immediately anticipates this by putting Aron Mabrouki in the forefront. This seems to lead directly to the 2-1, but Aron Mabrouki heads Jaroah Sneller’s fantastic cross from the bottom of the crossbar. A huge shame, and for the people of Deventer the chance to make the connecting goal.This match demanded something other than beautiful football. It is therefore no surprise that this match is decided by 2 standard situations.

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Next week, SV Colmschate ’33 will take on VV Diepenveen at home. Diepenveen lost their first game 0-2 to Warnsveldse Boys. So it promises to be another great match!