Belgium lost the consolation final 1-2 against Italy. Thibaut Courtois lashed out at UEFA afterwards. “When will we get some rest? Footballers are not robots.”

“I don’t even know why we are playing a consolation final,” said Thibaut Courtois after the lost semi-final against France. After that lost consolation final against Italy, our national goalkeeper went one step further.

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“We just play too many games. In June there are again four matches in the Nations League. Why? Next year there will be the World Cup in Qatar in November… That’s how we get injured. Nobody cares about us anymore. After a tough season, we only have three weeks of vacation to play in the Nations League four times in June. Those three weeks are simply not enough to be able to perform at the highest level for a full year.”

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️ “They don’t care about the players they just care about their pockets.”

Thibaut Courtois charged with UEFA and FIFA of prioritizing money over player welfare after Belgium were beaten 2-1 by Italy in the Nations League third-place play-off.

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