On Sunday afternoon, September 26, Go Ahead Eagles will play the away match against AZ in Alkmaar. Start at 2.30 pm. The third game in eight days. Busy times for the men of Kees van Wonderen and therefore also for our previewer on duty, Toon Schuiling. AZ-Go Ahead Eagles. About culture shock, smash hits and the football careers of Karlsson and Isac Lidberg.

Eagle Eye September 26, 2021 – AZ out

This little guy just spent a day or so strolling through Barcelona. If the Wijhese Langstraat is your home, then La Rambla is quite a lot, I can tell you. Noise everywhere, sirens, strange smells, eyes too short. “A culture shock,” said a college graduate. I thought of him when I drove back over the dike on Wednesday evening. So you are happy with a found point in the desolate Vliert. This is how you lose wrongly against PSV. Gakpo and Madueke’s club. Give that a place. Proud, bummed, admiring, amaze, of Miracles. Just say it….There isn’t much time for psychoanalysis. AZ is waiting.

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Klappertjes – It takes a while to find an opening sentence. I don’t have much with Alkmaar Zaanstreek. To be sure. It’s a neat clean club. A club that rose beautifully after the Scheringa fiasco. Sensible policy, great youth academy and a stadium with a solid roof. But also a club with little heart and soul. With more spectators than supporters. It is no coincidence that the grandstand hits entered our country via AZ. But otherwise a model club. A club that rakes in a million or fifty with the sale of Stengs, Koopmeiners, Marco Bizot and Boadu. In one summer. At the same time a club that refuses to pull the shit for Joey Veerman. Educate yourself, on a bargain hunt in the Scandinavian countries. With a magnifying glass through the Kitchen Champion Division to pick up guys like Sam Beukema. That’s AZ and they’ve been doing it very well – despite this sour introduction – for years.

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Don’t panic – Unlike in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, AZ dares to take the time to build a team. And if things then go less well, it will not lead to panic in Alkmaar. AZ has had a bad start this season. At least in the Premier League. Played five, lost four, won once, place 17. Just above PEC. They don’t like that, but there doesn’t seem to be any stress. Moreover, the club is doing better in what is called the UEFA Europa Conference League. The group stage has been reached there. On Thursday they play at home against FK Jablonec from the Czech Republic. And despite all the losses, there is still a nice team. Make no mistake. Owen Wijndal is a great left back, Fredrik Midtsjo a strong midfielder, while AZ has a life-threatening winger on board with Karl Jesper Karlsson.

Not so long ago, Die Karlsson played together with Isac Lidberg in the Swedish representative youth teams.Our Isac took a detour through the depths of Swedish football and is good for 1 ton. They may face each other on Sunday.

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Sam – Whether our Sam Beukema will also participate remains to be seen. AZ trainer Pascal Jansen, son of Sue van Spooky, thinks that Beukema lacks speed of action. Beukema is therefore the third choice behind Letschert and Hatzidiakos. I sincerely hope that Letschert plays on Sunday. He can’t do much of that. But that won’t happen. After his early substitution against Twente, he took the first train to Alkmaar. So it will probably be Hatzidiakos next to Martins Indi. It is possible that Sam, as earlier this season, has to show up as a crowbar in the last minutes………

No cat piss – I’m writing this two days before the race. On that day, Kees van Wonderen always trains with confidence. So it remains to be seen who will kick off. There is no way to measure that, but you get used to it now. Mentally, the boys are fine, but three games in eight days against PEC, PSV and AZ in succession is of course no cat piss. Then you must have a good lung capacity.

In addition to the physical condition, the technical staff also looks at the qualities of the opponent when determining the formation. Does Kees van Wonderen dare to pit the offensively brilliant but defensively lazy Cordoba against the rising Wijndal? At 9 the choice doesn’t seem that complicated to me. In my opinion Marc Cardona is the right man to drive the central duo of AZ crazy. Hahn, Kramer, Nauber, Kuipers and Brouwers also seem to me to be certainties. But will it be Heil or Oratmangoen or perhaps Berden in the front? Will calf-biter Lucassen still have a full match or will Mats Deijl get another chance. Phillipe Rommens played a great game against PSV, but who doesn’t? In short, Kees has, aside from aches and pains, what to choose on Sunday.

And after the high mass on Wednesday of Wednesday, there is of course great temptation to think that there is something to be gained in Alkmaar. They are 17th after all. But I carry on. If I had expressed this expectation a month or so ago, they would have locked me up. After AZ, RKC and Heracles wait, then it has to be done again. But a secret spot in Alkmaar. Man, that would be nice.

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