For Sallandia today a game against the great unknown in the competition Batavia! Well, writing an entire report seems a bit redundant to me and if you want to summarize the match, the difference in power was so great that you don’t know whether you should be happy with this or whether you just, like the writer of this piece, experience football in such a different way, you don’t really have a good word to say about it!

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Dear KNVB, here’s a call to take this team (as they would like to) out of the competition and not to ask for ridiculous fines in order to realize this.

What the men from Lelystad are very good at, in addition to understanding that this is not fun for anyone, is having a party in the canteen afterwards. Despite this large defeat, there was singing and the polonaise, group photos were taken and the green bottles were generously spread over the table. Okay, admittedly, that aspect is also important and perhaps we can all learn something from that. Pleasure is a great good, or as it was said later, FOOTBALL BROEDERS!!!! And that’s how we end this day!

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Sallandia 1 – Batavia 1: 16-0 The goalscorers: Marco van Meeteren 5*, Ricky Wolvenne 4*, Jordy Molemans 4*, Björn Rutten 2*, Burhan Kiran 1*.