This week in the spotlights Marcus van Geelen. The MBA student at the University of Twente can show himself with confidence in the lecture halls of Twente this week, because second-grader NEO from Borne lost out to the much-scoring Van Geelen. Forward won 2-0 to qualify for the knockout stage.

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In the second cup match, the attacker managed to put the ball in the net for the fourth time in a row in the early season. That counts for a striker. Despite the accuracy, Marcus felt that he did not play very well and that he did not appear in the game enough, especially in the first half. After the break, things were a bit different and he was able to take the deserved opening goal. The visitors, NEO from Borne, came through dangerously just before and the first fifteen minutes after the break, but today’s big win was the ‘clean sheet’ in addition to the 2-0, or the goal remained clean. Nino Wattimena in particular played strong defensively and led ‘the zero’.

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It was a solid game from the Forward side. In the first half, the orange-blacks from Duistervoorde were the dominant party. With a lot of energy in the match, NEO was put under pressure. Marcus: “Defensively we gave little away, and we created some great chances. Unfortunately, we couldn’t express the dominance in goals, especially in the first half hour.” Just before half-time, NEO also showed itself a bit more.

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Rest position 0-0

Marcus: “We started a little less in the second half and gave away a number of opportunities and NEO missed a great opportunity. After fifteen minutes we picked up the thread again, and we had some good opportunities.” Especially from the left with the upcoming Diëgo Paais and the agile Ismar Maglajlic, Forward came through regularly. In the 79th minute it was finally hit. From a well-designed attack from the left, the striker was able to round the ball in the far corner with a low shovel within the penalty area. Moments later, Bruce Schotman closed the game. He was able to block the ball from the kicking keeper of NEO and thus better expressed the balance of power in the field.

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And finally Marcus, what are your expectations in the competition? We want to finish in the left row and I hope to score 15 goals in the league. And where does that conviction come from after a mediocre start to the season in the aborted competition year 2020-2021? Marcus: “I think we have a nice team and a coach with a playing plan that suits us, with an emphasis on attacking football and a lot of pressing, so I think we can certainly surprise some teams this year.”

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