Saturday, October 2, the game sports club Deventer vs Helios was on the program. Both teams started the competition well: Helios with a big 10-0 victory over EGVV and Sportclub Deventer with a good 5-2 victory over Harfsen.

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The game started messy from both sides, allowing Helios to find the striker early in the game through the flanks and make it 0-1. Sports club Deventer quickly came up with an answer. Helios couldn’t get enough grip to defuse an attack, so Özdemir had a chance and finished well: 1-1. Sportclub Deventer and Helios continued to threaten with opportunities, with Sportclub hitting the bar once. But in the end Jarmo van ‘t Hof managed to score his second goal with a good header from a corner. Helios still insisted, but Sportclub stayed on its feet with the halftime score of 1-2. In the second half Sportclub Deventer came out of the locker room sharply and quickly managed to find Koekkoek’s head via a good cross from Moody, who made it 2-2. The match remained tense for a long time and went very evenly. In the end Koekkoek forced a penalty through a good action, which was well shot in by Moody. Not much later, Helios was allowed to score a penalty, in which Van ‘t Hof left the keeper without a chance and wrote a hat trick to his name. It was a second half in which a lot happened. Helios felt disadvantaged due to a disallowed goal and the referee’s ignoring a flag signal, allowing Sportclub to score. Helios kept pushing, but Sportclub continued to resist tooth and nail. It resulted in an exciting second half, in which Sportclub was able to take advantage of the space created. Via Koekkoek, Tsegay and Vegelin, the game was decided in favor of the home team. All in all a nice exciting city derby between Sportclub Deventer and Helios with a well deserved victory 6-3 by a well-playing Sportclub Deventer. Next Saturday, Sportclub Deventer can continue the good series against EGVV and wait for Helios the next city derby at home against Koninklijke UD..

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