Even though Helios star Jarmo van ‘t Hof scored three times, Helios went off the field with a 6-3 loss. In retrospect, despite various possibilities and an uncertain referee, a fair result.

Helios started strong. In the 6th minute Iljen Bruinsma broke through on the right and his pass was nicely finished by Jarmo van ‘t Hof. A hopeful start! Sports club Deventer was not put off and two minutes later Murat Ozdimir scored the equalizer 1-1. Both sides kept each other well balanced and it was Glenn Alberts who broke through on the right, but Spc’s keeper. Deventer prevented Helios from taking the lead again. Game picture Sportclub Deventer – SV Helios. Photo: Jan Hollander

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Moments later, Helios was awarded a corner after a bet by Mike Gerritsen was tapped over the crossbar by the keeper. Zandvliet’s next corner hit the post. A minute later there was another corner for Helios, who was relentlessly headed in by Jarmo van ‘t Hof: 1-2. The sports club did not accept this and tried to equalize the score before half-time, but until half-time the defense of Helios managed to prevent that.

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After the break, Sportclub Deventer made a strong statement and in the 52nd minute it was Roan Koekkoek who immediately punished bad defending 2-2. Deventer increased the pressure and was awarded a penalty which Seb Moody finished 3-2. Moments later it was again Helios who, through substitute Beekman, broke through on the right and his cross was nicely finished by Jarmo. However, had the linesman noticed hands when he accepted the ball? The referee had seen nothing, but, after considering the limit, disallowed the goal. Unbelievable everywhere. Game picture Sportclub Deventer – SV Helios. Photo: Jan Hollander

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Still, it was level again in the 71st minute: Jarmo was pulled down within the 16th goal and tied the score (3-3) via a penalty. After that it went fast. Sports club Deventer broke through, the linesman of Helios found offside, but this time the referee did not take over and it was made 4-3 by Roan Koekkoek in the 80th minute. Helios went for the equalizer, but got, due to good counter work by Sportclub Deventer, two more by Tijn Vegelin and Tsegay Haile respectively. Final score 6-3. On Saturday, Helios can take revenge against the Royal U.D..

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