After talks with several takeover candidates, the management of ADO Den Haag desperately knocked on the door of the municipality. 23 days before the ultimate deadline, the question is whether the football club from The Hague will still have a professional license, the AD reports.

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Will ADO still be saved?

Points deducted

ADO Den Haag threatens to be kicked out of professional football. The club has made a financial mess of it for years, such that it can no longer meet the requirements of the KNVB. Prior to the season, every professional football club must submit a balanced budget to the football association and ADO has not succeeded in that. Because the situation is still not in order, the club has already been deducted 2 times 3 points. As a result, the 1st team is not at the top, but only 8th in the Kitchen Champion Division.

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If the situation is not resolved on Monday, another 3 penalty points will be added. And if the budget is still not balanced by November 1, the professional license will be taken. Then The Hague, as the 3rd city in the Netherlands, would no longer have its own professional club.

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What’s next?

The most important thing is that ADO finds someone who takes over the shares of the club and immediately guarantees to cover the deficit for the coming season. Buying out owner Wang Hui will be the smallest hurdle. He would like to sell the shares for no more than half a million euros.

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