Luis Suárez scored on behalf of Atlético Madrid against his former club FC Barcelona. The striker celebrated modestly, but could not resist giving Ronald Koeman a kick with a clear gesture.

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Suárez made a hand gesture of a telephone to his ear after his goal. With this he may refer to an earlier moment at Barca.

Call Koeman to Suarez

Before the start of last season, Koeman would have made it clear to Suárez with a call that there was no longer a place for him at FC Barcelona. Lionel Messi’s best friend left for Atlético and the rest is history.

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Check out Suarez’s goal against Barca here:

Suarez denies

Suárez denied that the gesture was towards Koeman. “The gesture was for people who know that I still have the same number and that I still use it. No, it wasn’t for Koeman,” Suárez laughed. “But if he wants to take it to heart… I jokingly agreed with my children that I would do this.”.

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