The many spectators could not believe their eyes, within 11 minutes 2-0 lead against the strong 4 th class Klarenbeek. In the first minute Rens spooned the ball over the goalkeeper 1-0 and it was 10 minutes later that Roy escaped the offside trap and Davy cleared it and he made it 2-0.

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Wesepe continued well and regularly caused problems for their defence.

What Wesepe did before half time, Klarenbeek did afterwards, namely scoring almost immediately via a low slider in the far corner. Klarenbeek was now really on track and forced Wesepe into reverse and this resulted in a goal from close range in the 59th minute. 2-3 In the next 20 minutes the red gels barely came into play and it was thanks to goalkeeper Rick that no goals were scored. Yet Davy had a good opportunity in 89 minutes to equalize the score, unfortunately the ball bounced back into the field after a lob over the keeper through the crossbar and the final score was 2-3 in Klarenbeek’s favor.

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A nice game of football, where the Blues from the other side deserved to win, but with a bit of luck also had a draw.

Next Saturday evening Sept 18. 7 p.m. Wesepe-Activia on the Muggert. Today’s line-up: Rick Jansen-Rik Veldkamp-Richard Flierman-Bart Spoler-Davy Timmer Arends-Roy Hulsegge-Nick Jansen-Rens Broekhof-Rick van Gelder-Kevin Teunissen substitute Harm Willemsen-Niek Saris -Chris Jansen-Jorik Rouweler..

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