Every week, four well-known residents of Deventer with red and yellow roots share their vision of Go Ahead Eagles and more. Robert Heukels, Gerard Somer, Erdal Ascipinar and Jan Willem van Dop alternate weekly with their own column about their club. Today the latter’s turn under the title:

We can go full again

It was nice to be able to see a few matches at least with 2/3 stadium occupancy. Certainly after we had provided the B-Side with crescents and numbers, we were able to fill the B-side again for 2/3 against PEC Zwolle and PSV. Of course the IJsselderby was and is a special match. After four years, it was finally played again. And that after more than a year and a half again with supporters on the B-Side…

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Before the game against PEC Zwolle I went to the B-Side and asked everyone to sit in the numbered places. I recorded this, after which I sent the photo to the KNVB. Fortunately, this is no longer necessary from now on and we can all stand on the B-Side again.

Then I watched the match from the IJsseltribune, Leo Halle Tribune and B-Side. Of course there is a tension in this match and unfortunately not everything went well, but overall I can say that I give our supporters a big compliment.

What is becoming more and more a thing is throwing beer. I have already called this downright antisocial and disrespectful behavior after the game against Heerenveen. I know it’s a rule to let the player go out on the shortest side when making a substitution, so as not to waste time unnecessarily. But sometimes that is not useful in the heat of the moment, because individuals seize the opportunity to throw liquids at the player. This is now also recognized from the point of view of arbitration. A referee must also feel the match and sometimes decide differently, no matter how unfortunate that this is necessary. I have respect for the referee in the match against Heerenveen, who also saw that afterwards.

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But throwing liquid or beer is currently common in many clubs and we really have to work on that together. Because let’s also be clear: there is a stadium ban for a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 36 months on such things, punishments that we are of course not waiting for to have to impose!

After the match against Heerenveen and Feyenoord, we spoke in a group session of our Conduct Committee with a total of twelve people who had been guilty of throwing beer at a substituted player from Heerenveen. We have made clear agreements and I think that these people will no longer be guilty of this, based on a broader sense of norms. But unfortunately we are not there yet.This is going too far and it really needs to stop!

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We can’t help but call each other again:


It is fair to say that this slogan was invented by one of the supporters. This touches the core.

We now have six points after seven games and are in 14th place; the place that also fits the 14th club in the Netherlands. And we’ve already had three of the top 4 clubs. The team continues to form. Of course we had a bit of hope for points against AZ, but let’s be honest: AZ just has a good team. They also need time to reach their old level with new players and you saw that again on Sunday. So it’s no shame at all that we lost there.

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Also very nice to see how Sam Beukema is already being admired there; I see in him the future captain of AZ. We are currently looking for a date with him to say goodbye to our supporters, just like we did with Jeroen Veldmate and want to do with, for example, Wout Droste and Jay Gorter. It is just not easy to find a date for this in the short term. But we’re going to organize it anyway..