Things didn’t look good for France. The Red Devils went into halftime with a 2-0 lead. Paul Pogba and his teammates seized power in the second half. That included a good dose of pep talk in the dressing room.

Yannick Carrasco opened the scoring, Romelu Lukaku made it 2-0. With all that experience and quality, the Red Devils could dream of the final. But they couldn’t get out, suffered too much ball loss, and got the lid on their nose in the final minute.

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National coach Didier Deschamps encouraged his players and emphasized that they still had a chance if they pushed the Belgians back into their own half. Pressure football with more attacking drive.

“We said a lot in the locker room and returned to the field with conviction,” Kylian Mbappé recalls at RMC Sport. The attacker declined to elaborate on what was discussed during halftime.

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Paul Pogba took the floor and said: “When we score a goal, doubt creeps into their ranks. We are France!” According to French media, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris also made himself heard in the dressing room. He indicated that they should play as a real team. Defend and attack together. Helping each other and showing what the World Cup defending champion is really capable of.

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After the hour, Karim Benzema managed the connecting goal. Six minutes later, Kylian Mbappé scored a penalty and in the final minutes Theo Hernandez also hit the target.

“With that energy and mental boost, we will also win the final on Sunday”, predicts Paul Pogba.

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