Hans Vanaken silenced the critics. He came to the fore with the Red Devils against the Czech Republic and Belarus. Perhaps he would have had a better chance in another competition?

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“It has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of ambition”, responds Hans Vanaken at Eleven Insiders. “For me it just has to be the right club at the right time. So far I have not come across a club where I had the feeling ‘this is the right step for me.’

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West Ham United thought of Vanaken. But he signed an improved contract with Club Brugge.

“Several things have to be right. First, the family. Where are we going to live? Which city will we end up in? In addition, of course, also the sporty. What kind of football they play. And here I also play for the prizes, with other teams maybe against relegation. If I then list everything and there are too many factors against it, I won’t do it.”

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